Synergy Leadership
"To Know Christ and Make Him Known"

Mentoring servant-leaders to love God's worth, live out God's Word in community, and to liberate God's world through the ministry of the local church.

Synergy Leadership, Port Elizabeth, Republic of South Africa

Church Planting Seminars

The unique focus of Synergy Leadership is the theological education, training, and mentoring of church planters and church-planting pastors. In order to realize this goal, we will bring to the campus experienced church planters. These seminars will be available to current students as well as those already involved in the church planting process.

In addition to these church planting seminars, we would like to offer a series of workshops covering various topics for those already in ministry. Church leaders would be invited to stay on campus for the length of the workshop. We see a great need in helping those already in ministry with continuing education as well as spiritural retreats.

The facility mentioned earlier on would be large enough to not only host the camp, campus, but also a number of family chalets. Church leaders and their families would be welcome to come on campus for a time of spiritual revitalization.