Synergy Leadership
"To Know Christ and Make Him Known"

Mentoring servant-leaders to love God's worth, live out God's Word in community, and to liberate God's world through the ministry of the local church.

Synergy Leadership, Port Elizabeth, Republic of South Africa

Community Development and Church Planting

All the efforts of Synergy Leadership are combined to achieve the establishment of Biblically sound and culturally relevant churches. We engage in making disciples and mentoring church planters so that resources could be mobilized to plant churches. We are praying that God would empower individuals, that as a result of becoming spiritually transformed, grounded in the Word of God, and experiencing godly mentoring, they would be passionate about starting churches for the glory of God.

We will partner South African church planters with community developers. Church planters develop credibility in the South African context as they demonstrate that they are concerned for the welfare of the community. Social justice and compassion are big buzzwords today. There is also a great deal of misunderstanding regarding these initiatives. We are not espousing what is commonly known as the “social gospel” which downplays the importance of the gospel story and the unique claims of Christ. What we are speaking of, is showing compassion to those in need and helping people escape the cycle of poverty. As we do these “cup of water” ministries we show the love of Christ in a tangible way that may lead to the initialization of redemptive relationships. This concern may be demonstrated in various forms:

community development initiatives

The community developer will work in concert with the church planter. The community developer is essentially building a platform for the church plant. As people experience the love of Christ, they will embrace Him as their Lord and Saviour.