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Mentoring servant-leaders to love God's worth, live out God's Word in community, and to liberate God's world through the ministry of the local church.

Synergy Leadership, Port Elizabeth, Republic of South Africa

Ministry in the Public Schools

During a day and time in which the schools in the United States are shutting the door to the Bible, the opportunities to share Christ in South African schools are plentiful.  The South African school system has changed dramatically since 1994.  Schools have improved and instruction enhanced. Yet within the African communities, the average class size is 45+, books are scarce, and teachers are few.  Though instruction is done primarily in English, many of the teachers are not proficient since it is not their first language.  They are seeking assistance in teaching reading literacy, math skills, computers, and English.  Presently, due to the great needs within the schools, the principals are eager to have teachers, computer instructors, and even pastors come in to help teach and nurture the children.  Many of the children have lost their parents due to HIV/Aids and the need for role models is great.  The school administrators and teachers are overwhelmed with the magnitude of the needs of the students they teach.  They are seeking help. 

We have experienced open door to the African schools.  Principals have eagerly invited us to conduct computer literacy, reading literacy, and assemblies within the schools, all with the knowledge that we share Christ in these contexts.  With their great desire to see the children learn and be positively impacted, the principals are not concerned that the Bible is used in the contexts of literacy and character development.  With this open door, the need for teachers and mentors for children within the schools is great.  As those within the schools are impacted for Christ, the ground is tilled for the planting of a church within the community.

public school kids     public school kids